Homeopathic Nosodes: Vaccination Alternatives
Robin Cannizzaro talks vaccines with Holistic Horse

Homeopathy for Insulin Resistance and Laminitis
A case study: Written by Robin L. Cannizzaro, DVM, CVA and published in Holistic Horse, Vol 16, Issue 65, Feb/March 2010

Vicky Vicky Vicky – Bits and Bytes Farm Success Stories
A dressage success story


December 4, 2007 – Interview with WMNF discussing training and earliest experiences as a veterinarian, the factors involved in my career shift from the more conventional realm of veterinary medicine to a holistic practice (offering classical homeopathic medicine, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, nutritional consultation, etc.); includes numerous listener phone calls and e-mails about ailments &/or remedies for their animals.
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