Living with FeLV, from Animal Wellness Magazine

How is FeLV treated holistically?

Living with FeLV, from Animal Wellness Magazine

Lexus was given a conventional anti-viral drug called Interferon for her illness, but reacted badly to it by developing fevers after her injections. She was also lethargic, and panting after light exertion. Her caregiver sought homeopathic help from Robin Cannizzaro, DVM, who began treatment for both her respiratory and mental symptoms. Lexus now eats a variety of raw foods and some high grade canned. She receives various antioxidant supplements including vitamin C and Immuno-DMG Liquid (an immune boosting medicine from U.S. Animal Nutritionals).

Although Lexus continues to test FeLV positive, she remained symptom-free until February of last year, when she had a severe asthma attack which was quickly alleviated with a properly administered homeopathic remedy. After her attack, Lexus was started on a product called Ambrotose (a glyconutrient produced by Mannatech Inc.) and has remained symptom-free ever since. She no longer has fevers, lethargy or poor appetite, has gained some much-needed weight, and happily rules her guardian’s house.

Lexus’ caregiver has since adopted several more FeLV positive cats as well as several that are FeLV negative. All the former are under Dr. Cannizzaro’s care. None have died, nor have any of the FeLV negative cats contracted the disease.

So a diagnosis of FeLV is not always a death sentence. Conventional medicine offers little in terms of a cure, but many homeopathic veterinarians have successfully treated the symptoms. Cats will often still test positive, but are symptom-free and able to live normal lives.

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