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August 23rd Program:
Holistic vs. Traditional Veterinary Care
Presenter: Robin Cannizzaro DVM

Robin Cannizzaro, D.V.M. She is a graduate of the University of Florida, Veterinary

Robin gave an informative discussion of Holistic Veterinary Care. She employs
Homeopathy, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal therapy along with traditional veterinary
medicine. She started offering alternative treatments in 1996. She found that her clients
problems were not being satisfactorily solved with traditional medicine alone, and that whole
Natural Medicine treated the entire individual animal.

Holistic medicine looks at the whole individual with an analysis of physical, nutritional,
environmental and social factors.

She does a complete diagnostic work up and applies Holistic medicine, homeopathic
treatment, and or acupuncture. Overall there is less need for running expensive tests.
Traditional medicine has severe limitations, and holistic methods c an provide treatments with
fewer side effects and is usually less expensive to the animal owner. Animals tend to live
longer and lead a healthier life. Animal owners are more sati sfied. Robin stated that there is
nothing she cannot treat from mild illnesses and problems to chronic illnesses.

Flea medications have long term effects as they are poisons and animals become less healthy
and actually get more fleas. Healthy animals have fewer fleas.

In discussing diets, she dislikes commercial animal foods, especially treats, as they are
contaminated with unhealthy preservatives etc. She likes owners to cook their pet’s food –
vegetables, meats, and stated that uncooked vegetables and fruit are very healthy for animals
and that raw meat is OK to give to your pet. Do not cook the bones you give to pets to chew
on. They will crack or break up if cooked when the animals chew on them.

She stopped doing surgery as she became so busy with her holistic medicine. (She refers
them out.) She stated some animals who may be deemed to need surgery, sometimes do not
according to her criteria.

Many dogs have allergies to foods particularly, and a healthier diet keeps the animals

There were many questions from Rotarian animal owners and lovers.

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